William & Mary Law Class of 2018 Continues 3L Class Gift Participation Streak

  • Funding More Opportunities
    Funding More Opportunities  Class Gift Committee Chair Kristin Hopkins announced that 92 percent of her classmates donated to the 3L Class Gift, providing opportunities for future students.  Photo by Odd Moxie
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Addressing parents, friends and fellow students during William & Mary Law School’s diploma ceremony on May 13, Kristin Hopkins J.D. ’18 named the most challenging aspect of her work as Co-Chair of the Class of 2018 3L Class Gift.

“Essentially my job was to go to every member of the graduating class and ask them for money,” Hopkins said to laughter from the audience.

Hopkins and her fellow committee members did an excellent job, with 92 percent of the Class of 2018 expressing appreciation and support for their law school education with a gift that enhances the educational experience for future generations of William & Mary law students.

“As a student I know how much $10, $15, $20, $25 means,” Hopkins said. “It means gas to and from your externship, food for the week, and paying those bills.”

Hopkins told classmates that because they reached into their wallets, future students will have more opportunities.

“That $10, $15, $20 or $25 or more that you all donated can help fund a scholarship, help a student organization bring in a prominent speaker, can help a flagpole be built in honor of Dean [Liz] Jackson, and can even help a journal expand its scholarship and publish more pages,” she said.

Dean Douglas was grateful for the class’s generosity, but he was equally glad to note that the result marks five years in a row that the William & Mary 3L Class has surpassed 90 percent participation.

“Ninety-two percent is unbelievable,” Douglas said. “Most law schools would be very fortunate to be at about half of that number.”

Hopkins thanked Class Gift Co-Chair Blake Willis and asked fellow committee members to stand and be recognized. They included Perry Austin, Clarence Hawkes, Emily Heltzel, Sara Miller, Jeff Moore, Mary Pickard, Matt Rosendahl, Dan Sinclair, Chelsea Wilkins, Victoria Woods and Liesel Zimmerman.

“I pray that throughout our careers, we will continue to donate back to the alma mater of a nation, which we will forever carry with us in our legal careers and beyond,” Hopkins said.

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