Voices from the Class of 2022

“Apart from the very generous scholarship offer, William & Mary Law School showed a level of hospitality unmatched by any other school. From the phone calls and emails from current students, alumni and the Associate Dean for Admission, Faye Shealy, who kept following up with me throughout the process, to the connections from the Black Law Students Association who constantly reassured me I'll have a community here, all solidified my decision to attend William & Mary. As an international student who has been away from home for several years, finding a community where I feel like I belong is very important to me, and it was clear William & Mary would become my next home.” – Oluwasayo Ayeomoni

“I was drawn to William & Mary by its historical significance in the country's founding and continued impact on our country. I also sought a school that was nationally recognized and would provide opportunities throughout the country. Finally I wanted a place that would feel like home for a JAG for three years, and the college and Williamsburg fit that criteria.” – Eric Fenton

"Having worked to advance women’s financial inclusion globally, my interest in gender and trade policy intersected with both public and private spheres of law. Thus, I wanted to build a solid legal foundation to navigate the intersection of laws independently. William & Mary offered an intimate environment, a strong community, and top-notch professors who are dedicated to teaching the law, which made my decision coming here an easy one.” – Susan Gao

"I think from the start I always had a strong gut feeling about William & Mary. I knew I wanted a law school that valued community and the potential people have when working together. I saw in W&M a school that did everything to make their students feel welcomed while promising to push them to their full potential. I wanted a school that would invest in me and the people I was sitting next to, and I felt that with W&M Law.” – Malory Hudson

“I’ve wanted to work in election law since studying at American University. Working in D.C. after graduation, it was clear that W&M was the top choice for me because of its strong alumni network and specialized election law program.” – Max Weiss