Professor Rajec Organizes Workshop on Current Issues in Intellectual Property Law

Gathering part of the Junior Intellectual Property Scholars Association’s traveling workshops

On January 25 and 26, William & Mary Law School assembled junior scholars from around the United States for a workshop on current issues in intellectual property law.

Participants included Sarah Burstein (Oklahoma), Tabrez Ebrahim (California Western), Roger Ford (New Hampshire), Camilla Hrdy (Akron), Dmitry Karshtedt (GW), Nicholson Price II (Michigan), Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec (William & Mary), Ana Santos Rutschman (Saint Louis), Andres Sawicki (Miami), and Cathay Smith (Montana).

Workshop participants examined a variety of timely topics related to intellectual property law, including copyright limitations, trade secret law, vaccine development incentives, design patents, obviousness law for patents, the relationship of patents and Sharia law, privacy law, and international intellectual property law.

Professor RajecThe workshop was organized by William & Mary Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec as part of the Junior Intellectual Property Scholars Association’s traveling workshops. According to Professor Rajec, the workshop “reflects the Law School’s commitment to scholarship and academic dialogue in this dynamic area of law.”

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