Law Student Responses to the 2019 Supreme Court Preview

Richard Batzler ’20
Year after year, the Supreme Court Preview brings together pre-eminent litigators, academics, judges, and journalists to talk about the highest-profile cases in the upcoming term. As a law student, there is no better window into Supreme Court practice than a weekend with the lawyers and thought leaders who are putting arguments before the Court and working to shape the law. This year’s panel—from the moot court to the final panel on Constitutional cases—has me geared up to follow another consequential year at the Supreme Court.

Andrew Pardue ’20
The Supreme Court Preview is a wonderful opportunity for students at America's oldest law school to assess pressing current issues of legal debate with the nation's foremost legal minds. Students got to listen as top oral advocates previewed the arguments that they will be making against each other before the U.S. Supreme Court this term. They also had the chance to learn practical courtroom skills from active federal judges, and analyze the internal dynamics of the Court with the sharpest SCOTUS watchers in American media. John Marshall would be proud that more than two centuries on, his alma mater is still deeply engaged in the important work of determining 'what the law is'...and what it will be soon.

Karsyn Keener ’21
I really enjoyed attending the Supreme Court Preview. As a student, you read about the cases the Supreme Court decides in class but it is a neat experience to hear from practicing advocates and judges who are familiar with the Court and its cases in practice. My favorite part of the day was the Judges Panel. I enjoyed hearing from sitting appellate judges about the challenges of their job and the way they go about making decisions. It helps to make the cases you read in class real - to understand the hard decisions and people behind them.

Daniel Bruce ’22
The Supreme Court Preview was a great experience! It was amazing to hear from the nation’s leading experts on the Court and get to meet distinguished judges from various circuit courts. I really enjoyed getting to learn about upcoming cases from some of the advocates who will be arguing before the court. For a 1L interested in constitutional and appellate law, it was a great learning and networking experience. I look forward to attending again next year!

George Ward ’22
I liked best a remark from Judge Stephanos Bibas at the judges panel. He said that if he'd wanted to have a human boss, he would work somewhere else. His boss was the Constitution, and he was an interpreter, not a rule-maker or enforcer. I had been thinking about what the judicial branch could do to rein in the executive, but after that remark from Bibas I suddenly realized this was contrary to the "separation of powers" doctrine, about which Bibas and the other judges genuinely seemed to care. I felt very pleased with the whole Supreme Court Preview and I clapped enthusiastically.