William & Mary

William & Mary Law Review Symposium

February 22-23

Room 119, Free and all are welcome.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Opening Remarks (1:15-1:30)

  • Davison M. Douglas, Dean and John Stewart Bryan Professor of Jurisprudence, William & Mary Law School
  • Allison Orr Larsen, Professor, William & Mary Law School
  • Matt Strauser, Symposium Editor, Vol. 60, William & Mary Law Review

 Panel #1: Courts Under Attack (1:30-2:40)

  • Moderator: Neal E. Devins, William & Mary Law School
  • Bert I. Huang, Columbia University Law School
    • “Judicial Credibility”
  • Marin K. Levy, Duke University Law School
    • “Judicial Self Restraint or Self Help?”

Break (2:40-3)

 Panel #2: Historical Perspectives on Judges in Politically Charged Times (3-4:10)

  • Moderator: James Y. Stern, William & Mary Law School
  • Jack M. Beermann, Boston University School of Law
    • “Crisis? Whose Crisis?”
  • Barry Cushman, University of Notre Dame Law School
    • “The Judicial Reforms of 1937”

 Break (4:10-4:20)

 Panel #3: American and British Courts in Politically Heated Moments (4:20-5:30)

  • Moderator: Margaret H. Lemos, Duke University Law School
  •  Allison Orr Larsen, William & Mary Law School
    • “Doctrinal Implications when Courts are Criticized: A Comparison to the U.K.”
  • Erin F. Delaney, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
    • “Opportunity in Crisis: The U.K. Supreme Court and Miller

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Breakfast (8:30-9)

Panel #1: Judicial Evaluation of a New Kind of President: The Role of Realism and Norms (9-10:15)

  •  Moderator: Tara Leigh Grove, William & Mary Law School
  • Richard H. Pildes, New York University Law School
    • “Institutional Realism and Judicial Review in the Trump Era”
  • Daniel B. Rodriguez, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
    • “Of Guardians and Guardrails: The Role of Soft Administrative Law”

 Break (10:15-10:30)

Panel #2: Courts as Protectors of Individual Rights (10:30-11:45)

  • Moderator: Timothy Zick, William & Mary Law School
  • Erwin Chemerinsky, University of California, Berkeley Law School
    • “Above the Fray: The Court’s Role in Polarized Times”
  • Mary-Rose Papandrea, University of North Carolina School of Law
    • “Protecting the Role of the Press During Times of Crisis”

 Closing Remarks (11:45)

  • Hillary Kody, Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 61, William & Mary Law Review