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    Teaching Excellence  Professors Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl, Eric A. Kades and Darian M. Ibrahim have been honored for their teaching. At the end of the Spring 2020 semester, Prof. Bruhl was the recipient of the Walter L. Williams, Jr., Memorial Teaching Award; Prof. Kades was the recipient of the McGlothlin Faculty Teaching Award; and Prof. Ibrahim was named 1L Professor of the Year by the Class of 2022.  
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Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl, Eric A. Kades and Darian M. Ibrahim honored for their teaching

Walter L. Williams, Jr., Memorial Teaching Award - Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl
Each year the third-year class identifies a professor whose teaching they especially admire, and who is devoted to law and to students. This faculty member receives the Walter L. Williams, Jr., Memorial Teaching Award, named for a beloved former professor at the Law School from 1972 to 1991.

Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl is the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Rita Anne Rollins Professor of Law. He joined the Law School in 2015 and teaches and writes on statutory interpretation, federal courts and the legislative process for many of the nation’s leading law journals. In their nominations, members of the Class of 2020 noted how Bruhl “goes above and beyond to make sure classes are engaging and worthwhile to students”; how he “works hard to make difficult subjects approachable and understandable”; and how he is “an absolute joy to learn from.” One student noted that Bruhl “exemplifies what it means to be a great law professor,” and multiple students commented on how he is “more than deserving of this award.” Bruhl was also praised for his accessibility to students, humor and wit, and willingness to engage with students about their future career plans.

McGlothlin Faculty Teaching Award: Eric A. Kades
The McGlothlin Faculty Teaching Award recognizes innovative, excellent educators who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to teaching. James W. McGlothlin ’62, J.D. ’64, LL.D. ’00 and Frances Gibson McGlothlin ’66, L.H.D. '18 established the award in 2016 with a generous endowment to the Law School and the Mason School of Business.

Eric A. Kades is the Thomas Jefferson Professor of Law, and his areas of specialization include tax policy, corporations, economic analysis of law, economics of corporate structure, land use and zoning, property law, and real estate transactions. This award is Kades’s sixth teaching honor; he has also received the Walter L. Williams, Jr., Memorial Teaching Award, the Alumni Fellowship Award for Outstanding Teaching, and the inaugural 1L Professor of the Year Award. A member of the McGlothlin Award selection committee wrote that although there were a number of deserving candidates, Kades stood out because “he continues to innovate, always looking for new, evidence-based methods for educating his students.” The committee also observed that faculty colleagues frequently seek him out for advice on teaching, which he generously gives. Dean Davison Douglas praised Kades as “a wonderful teacher” and a “marvelous recipient of the McGlothlin Teaching Award.” He also noted that Kades “has been particularly innovative in the classroom and very supportive of students outside of the classroom.” 

1L Professor of the Year Award - Darian M. Ibrahim
The Class of 2022 awarded the third annual 1L Professor of the Year Award in recognition of a faculty member’s outstanding work with first-year students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Darian M. Ibrahim is the Tazewell Taylor Professor of Law with teaching interests including corporate and securities law and their application to entrepreneurial activity. A prolific scholar and winner of a 2016 Plumeri Award, he has published in some of the nation’s leading law journals. Attesting to his teaching skills, a colleague wrote that he is “one of our best professors and is unsurpassed in his classroom energy. During this difficult semester, he showed particular concern for his students’ well-being.” Attesting to that, one student wrote, "Professor Ibrahim went above and beyond to ensure that his students were able to succeed in the new remote learning environment. Not only did he adjust the syllabus, he was also accommodating to our needs and requests. He also provided extra-curricular support, such as bringing several students together through a book club.” Another student was grateful to have him as a faculty mentor. “The law school is so lucky to have a professor like him,” the student wrote. “You can tell he loves teaching!! I hope to have him again before I graduate.”

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