What Students Are Saying About the New Casebooks

I was grateful for the course book! The book was finely tailored to the class, provided the relevant background, and the cases selected were on point. It being free was nice too.

I wasn't looking forward to having an e–book at the beginning of class but I really came to like it. Also very much appreciated not having to shell out for another book.

The book is fantastic. I also appreciate that it's on Amazon for a fraction of the price of other law school books. I always have to rent my books because I can't afford to buy, so I love that it is so cheap and I can keep it!

The book was very straightforward and not overwhelming like a normal casebook. I feel like I can use this book as a reference for real practice.

The book was fantastic. I really liked how Professors Gershowitz and Bellin have their own books. The information is succinct and helpful. The price point is wonderful and very appreciated. I like how they've cut out cases that are not necessary and have instead summarized those cases.

I loved the textbook, just like I loved the book from Professor Bellin's Evidence course. The Professor–written textbooks make the course more linear and logical, and this makes studying and reviewing things from the textbook much easier. This textbook was far more enjoyable to read than other law textbooks I have had to read.

Big fan of your decision to cut out dissents that are not important, I always feel like the reading for this class is reasonable so I don't feel the need to quickly skim (ie reading the dissent in an evidence case)

I really liked this casebook and not just because of the price. The selection of cases and edits enabled me to compare different situations/circumstances, which I think is important when there are so many "reasonable person" "under the circumstances" tests. I would possibly expand the intros for each section a bit to include some of the material in the capsule lectures online.

In other classes, I often come to the end of a section and think "wow, what did I just read..?" That rarely (if ever) happened to me with this book/class. I feel like the I actually learned a lot from the readings. I was generally able to extract the important rules on my own, which I think enabled me to get a lot more out of the class.

LOVE THE BOOK! Prof. Gersh writes great books, and Prof. Bellin writes great books. The two of them together is magical. And I'm poor, so I really appreciated the low cost.

The book was great. Appreciated the shortened cases and the introductory commentary by the authors. Particularly liked how these authors didn't include 15 pages of unnecessary "notes" following each case.

I love the book –– probably my favorite textbook I've ever had (up there with Bellin's and the other crim pro book)

The book was amazing. Please continue to use it because the cases were so clear in their edited form, taking out irrelevant discussions. Also just loved the format and font. Very easy to read.

I actually really appreciated Professor Gershowitz's and Professor Bellin's book. It conveyed the concepts in an intelligible and easy to grasp manner without weighing down the concepts by overly long opinions and extraneous information. I appreciated the Professor Gershowitz would then expand on the shortened opinions or excluded opinions via lecture to cut down on outside reading time. Likely my favorite casebook I've ever had.

Substantively, the book was great (and cheap!!!). The authors did an excellent job parsing through and pulling out only the most important elements of the various cases, which I thoroughly appreciated. I also enjoyed the authors' additions of context and skeptical remarks, which reminded me to always consider what might be going on in the world outside of the confines of each case.

The book was fantastic. It was concise, focused, and cheap! What a feeling, to take a class without paying through the nose for an impregnable tome.

Prof. Gershowitz's textbook was great; it was very well organized and he mentioned it omitted cases and materials that were not completely necessary to learn major topics.

The book did a good job of introducing the materials and providing a good starting point for class discussions.

I really liked the textbook for this course. Unlike the majority of textbooks I've been assigned in law school, I never felt as if this one was hiding things from me. It presented the material in a concise, lucid manner that was easy to follow. It was also––big deal here––not egregiously expensive (love that!).