Virginia Coastal Policy Center Receives Grant from Virginia Environmental Endowment

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    Support  The Virginia Environmental Endowment has provided crucial and ongoing support for the Virginia Coastal Policy Center since its founding in 2012.  
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The Virginia Coastal Policy Center (VCPC) at William & Mary Law School has received a $35,000 grant from the Virginia Environmental Endowment (VEE) for a project titled “Planning for a Climate-Changed Future in Virginia,” the Law School announced today.

The project is designed to continue VCPC’s efforts to educate and inform decision-makers about resilience policy challenges faced by the state and its rural and urban coastal communities, said VCPC Director Professor Elizabeth Andrews.

According to Andrews, the new project will achieve its goals by: 

  • Organizing a virtual webinar series that brings together experts to examine relevant resilience issues and provide training for local governments on strategies and solutions to address climate change impacts;
  • Producing a student-authored white paper to discuss policy challenges and opportunities for rural solar installations in Virginia; and
  • Supporting the development of a Higher Education Resilience Planning Worksheet that can be used at William & Mary and potentially by other Virginia universities.

In partnership with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and Virginia Sea Grant, VCPC provides law and marine science students at William & Mary with the opportunity to conduct science-based legal and policy analysis to help inform decision-making about coastal resources and water quality issues at a local, state, regional, and national level.

“The Virginia Environmental Endowment has provided crucial and ongoing support for our research since the Center’s founding at the Law School,” Andrews said. “This latest funding builds on the success of our previous endeavors, such as our webinars and annual conferences on climate change-related topics. We look forward to continuing to work with VEE’s support to provide science-informed law and policy analysis and recommendations for Virginia leaders.”