Fiscal Strength and Operational Excellence Lead to Scianandre Promotion

In an affirmation of innovative thinking and collaborative leadership, William & Mary Law School announced that Associate Dean for Administration and Finance Dan Scianandre has been promoted to the new position of Senior Associate Dean for Administration, Finance, and Operations. Dan Scianandre

Over the past three years, the Law School’s journey toward fiscal strength and operational excellence has been a testament to the power of teamwork. Under Scianandre's guidance, the Law School has fortified its financial standing, allowing for key investments in faculty, staff, facilities, and technology.

Shared vision has played a vital role in the Law School’s many achievements. The development of a diversified resource financial model has allowed for well-informed decisions that protect the Law School’s financial well-being and lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

A renovated Chappell Reading Room enhances collaboration.A transformation of the facility, with renovations spanning more than 25,000 square feet, has underscored the administration’s dedication to providing the setting for an unparalleled legal education. By revitalizing spaces and embracing technology, the Law School is nurturing an environment that encourages engagement and growth.

Additionally, the embrace of technology has extended to new exam administration, course management, and communication platforms. These advancements have enhanced both the learning experience and educational offerings.A new Student Services Suite encourages community engagement for students, faculty and staff alike.

“The Law School’s strength lies in its people. Without their dedication and support in creating the best possible experience for our faculty, students and staff, none of these accomplishments would have been possible,” Scianandre said. “I am honored to take on this role in the Law School, and I am tremendously excited about our future.

As the Law School applauds Scianandre’s promotion, it also celebrates collective achievements. Through resilience, innovation, and dedication, William & Mary Law School is poised to embrace challenges and opportunities with resolve well into the future.