Drapers' Scholarship

Each year, the Law School selects an alumnus or alumna who has graduated within the last two years to serve as our Drapers Scholar. The Drapers Scholarship recipient receives a fellowship to study law and earn an LL.M. degree at Queen Mary University of London. This opportunity is made possible by the generosity of the Drapers Company of London, which for many years has had a special relationship with William & Mary. At the Law School, the visible signs of this relationship are the stained glass figures of Blackstone and Wren, which the Drapers Company obtained for us from Oxford University.  They grace the walls of our Hixon Center.

The alumnus(a) selected to serve as our Drapers Scholar will receive (1) a tuition waiver and (2) a grant to help with living expenses, set at an amount equal to the British maintenance award (approximately £10,000). The term of the appointment is one academic year. Classes traditionally begin early in October and end in March.