Student Bar Association Members

The Board

The SBA Board convenes, reports, deliberates, and votes every week to conduct its decision-making process. The Board is made up of twelve members: four executive board members, two 3L and two 2L class representatives, three 1L class representatives, and one LL.M. class representative.

Each of these members is elected through a process organized and overseen by the Honor Council. The entire student body votes in February to elect the executive board members from the rising 3L and 2L classes; 3L and 2L class representatives are elected during the same election process. 1L and LL.M. representative elections take place in September. 

The current SBA Board is:

Blake Willis (rising 3L), President, [[e|bawillis]]
Alyssa Kaiser (rising 2L), Vice President

Anthony Onuoha (2L), Treasurer
Kevin McCandlish (rising 3L), Secretary, [[e|kbmccandlish]]

Danny Hankes, 3L Class Representative
Rebecca Ribley, 3L Class Representative 

Eydsa La Paz, 2L Class Representative
Hannah Littlefield, 2L Class Representative

Ruian Guo, LLM Class Representative

Appointed Members

SBA Board Members appoint (after February elections) a number of representatives to six positions; these appointed members provide specific opportunities to students, aid the SBA and other student organizations, and provide a connection point between the SBA and other student government organizations such as the Student Assembly and Grad Council. 

Emily Manbeck, American Bar Association Representative
Jessica Fetzer, Student Assembly Senator
Miranda Hughes, Student Assembly Senator
Katherine Rockwell, Grad Council Representative
Kameron Melton, Community Service Chair