Student Affairs & Academic Support Services

The Student Affairs & Academic Support team are here to help in any way that we can. Below are a list of some of the services that we provide, and please always feel free to reach out to our team to see how we can help with these or anything else you need. 

Academic Advising

Not sure what classes to sign up for? Thinking about a concentration? Let's talk! We can help you plan out a courseload that will allow you to explore the areas of the law you are interested in, prepare for the bar examination, and maximize your work-life balance.

Academic Support

Whether you're a first-year law student having a tough time figuring out how to brief a case, or you're getting ready to graduate and never really grasped the Rule Against Perpetuities, we can help. Our team can provide resources and help you work with your professors to make the most of your legal education.

Bar Exam Preparation

We offer a number of services, both while you are in law school and after you have graduated, to help you prepare for the bar exam in the jurisdiction of your choosing.

Classroom & Exam Accommodations

In partnership with Student Accessibility Services on main campus, we implement the accommodations you need to succeed. 

Flourishing & Belonging

No matter your background, you belong...and we are here to make sure that William & Mary Law School is a place where you can thrive.

Student Organizations

We work with the Student Bar Association to advise each of our currently existing student organizations. Want to start a new one? We can help with that too! 

Wellness & Counseling

Finally, we are here to help if and when things get hard. Whether you need a shoulder to lean on during a tough day or want to set up an appointment with a trained counselor, we will make sure you get immediate help and help you get back to feeling like and being your best self.