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  • Professor Tim Zick: "We should condemn the president’s racist message. We should just as passionately condemn his 'love it or leave it' attitude as contrary to a cherished First Amendment tradition of political dissent." Professor Zick is author of the forthcoming book, "The First Amendment in the Trump Era." ACS blogs
  • Reporter Jacqueline Alemany talked to Professor Tim Zick about the president's response to criticism and dissent. Washington Post
  • "The whole episode is not the Justice Department's finest hour," Professor Neal Devins said in story following the administration's request to change legal team in census citizenship question case.Wall Street Journal
  • "This seems like a term on the brink," said Professor Tara Leigh Grove in an article by Adam Liptak, "A Supreme Court Term Marked by Shifting Alliances and Surprise Votes"New York Times
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