Our Town - the 'Burg!

Leave your fife and three-cornered hat at home. Williamsburg is a true college town.

Williamsburg is one of those rare American cities with a rich sense of place. But Williamsburg is not just home to Colonial Williamsburg, or the home of the first (and best) law school in the country.

It is also a lively college town with an array of activities to suit any student’s taste. As a law student, you’ll quickly find that you do not get to know the ‘Burg alone. You get to know it with classmates during orientation, with friends after finals or on a Thursday night, and even with professors (yes, you can get BBQ with your constitutional law professor or indulge in a mead tasting with your property professor).

But, for now, you’ll have to read about what you can look forward to while you study law at the nation’s oldest law school.