Strategic Plan | 2021 - 2026

Dean A. Benjamin SpencerFor as much as we don’t know about the future, this much is certain: William & Mary is primed to lead it.

Under the direction of President Katherine A. Rowe, William & Mary engaged the university community in a multi-year, strategic planning process which culminated last fall in the framework for Vision 2026. Each school and unit across campus has now articulated a strategy to achieve the framework’s goals: to expand William & Mary’s reach, educate for impact and evolve to excel.

The Dean’s Advisory Committee on Strategic Planning also recently completed its work. Soon after I became dean in summer 2020, I convened the committee to explore the unique challenges we face as a law school and the opportunities that will help us achieve our highest aspirations. I am grateful to members of the committee for their dedication and insights.

The committee’s first charge was to develop vision, mission, and values statements that reflect not only the Law School’s present but also its future. You can find those statements here.

As a second charge, the committee looked to the years ahead and submitted recommendations identifying key goals to advance the Law School and steps to achieve those goals. I have reviewed the committee’s recommendations and am happy to share William & Mary Law School’s Strategic Plan | 2021 – 2026 (PDF).

This school has a bright future, and I look forward to what we’ll accomplish next.

Signature, A. Benjamin Spencer

A Benjamin Spencer
Dean and Trustee Professor