Center for Legal and Court Technology

Begun as the Courtroom 21 Project in 1993, the Center for Legal and Court Technology is a joint project of William & Mary Law School and the National Center for State Courts.  CLCT's primary mission is "to improve the world's legal systems through the appropriate use of technology."  To accomplish this, CLCT:

  • is involved in judicial and lawyer education and training,
  • provides needs assessments,
  • holds legal technology demonstrations and discussions for jurists, lawyers, law faculty, court administrators, technologists, architects and others from throughout the world,
  • is a world center for empirical and legal research on courtroom technology
Law School Support

CLCT places great emphasis on service to the Law School. CLCT is an integral part of the law school experience for students with many opportunities to get involved.

The center also conducts experimental trials, or "laboratory trials," which explore how technology can be used to advance the administration of justice. In conducting these trials, the Center often works with major national organizations such as the Justice Department and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  We frequently use the assistance of the Courtroom 21 Participating Companies and Organizations that support us through the loan of equipment and expertise.  Students serve as counsel and distinguished federal and state judges preside over lab trials. These trials often involve other universities; in the past, for example, we worked with affiliated programs at the University of Leeds, England, and the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Lab trials are often tied to the Law School's courses that teach the use of technology for attorneys. 


CLCT hosts a number of conferences in addition to the annual Court Affiliates Conference.  Some notable examples include the Conference on Privacy and Public Access to Court Records, arranged with the support of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts; the Courthouse Construction and Renovation Conference; and the 10th Annual Conference on Substantive Technology in Legal Education and Practice with participants from many countries. 

Other Projects

Courtroom 21 Court Affiliates includes courts that are interested in learning from each other's experiences. 

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