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Announcing 2020 Court Affiliates Conference - Courtroom Video: Trials, Tribulations, & Wonders
A Virtual Conference

June 1-2, 2020

Video is a potential game changer. As an increasingly important component of trials and hearings, video raises important legal, technological, and administrative questions. At this Court Affiliates Conference, we will address the uses and consequences of video at trials and hearings, including:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of establishing technical standards for presentation of audio/video material;
  • Court record implications of audio/video evidence and information, including possible use of the Cloud;
  • How to handle cellphone video information, especially from unrepresented litigants;
  • The impact of software video solutions such as WebEx and Zoom; and
  • Practical considerations of remote appearances, including remote interpreters, court reporters, counsel, and witnesses.

You will not want to miss this year's conference!

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