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What We Do

The Institute of Bill of Rights Law is committed to educating the broader public about the Bill of Rights. All of the Institute’s programs are free and open to the public, and attract a national audience as well as many members of the local community.

Each Fall the Institute hosts a Supreme Court Preview which, for the past twenty-eight years, has brought together Supreme Court advocates, journalists, judges, law professors, and practitioners to review significant cases that have been granted certiorari for the upcoming term of the Supreme Court of the United States. A highlight of the event is the Friday evening Moot Court, during which seasoned Supreme Court advocates argue a controversial upcoming case. The Preview is nationally recognized for providing insight into the upcoming term.

The Institute arranges programming for the H. Stewart Dunn Jr. Civil Liberties Project, an initiative founded by Timothy P. Dunn and Ellen Stofan 2011 to inspire undergraduate and law students at William & Mary to lend their talents to protecting civil liberties afforded citizens of the United States of America by the U.S. Constitution. The Project funds a variety of programs across the campus of The College of William & Mary and in the community, with the goal of enhancing knowledge of civil liberties and encouraging future generations of graduates to devote their time to advancing civil liberties causes. 

In 2010, the Student Division created Constitutional Conversations, an educational community out-reach program in cooperation with the Williamsburg Library and Colonial Williamsburg.