W&M Bill of Rights Journal Symposium on Memory and Authority


From March 29-30, 2024, the annual William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal symposium will convene scholars across the country to discuss the burgeoning role of historical evidence in constitutional jurisprudence and litigation. The conversation will center a recent work by Yale Law Professor Jack M. Balkin entitled Memory and Authority: The Uses of History in Constitutional Interpretation. 

All members of the William & Mary community are invited to attend. Prior registration is appreciated but not required. 

For more information, please visit the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal website

Schedule of Events
Friday, March 29th 

Unless otherwise noted, all schedule items will take place in Room 124 of the Law School.

2:30 PM: Conference begins: Welcome by BORJ 

2:40-3:00 PM: Opening Remarks by Professor Balkin and Q&A

3:00-3:10 PM: Break 

3:10-4:30 PM: How should lawyers make historical arguments and what kind of history should they use?

Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern) 

Fred Smith (Emory)  

Rachel Shelden (Penn State) 

Moderator/Commentator: Allison Larsen (William & Mary)

4:30-4:40 PM: Break 

4:40-6:00 PM: The Roberts Court, Originalism, Tradition, and History

Darrell A. H. Miller (Duke)  

Mark Graber (Maryland)

Julian Mortensen (Michigan)  

Moderator/Commentator: Margaret Hu (William & Mary) 

6:30 PM: Speaker Dinner 

Saturday, March 30th 

8:30-9:00 AM: Breakfast 

9:00 AM-10:20 PM: Constitutional Memories 

Maggie Blackhawk (NYU)  

Mary Dudziak (Emory)  

Richard Primus (Michigan)  

Moderator/Commentator: Sanford Levinson (Texas) 

10:20-10:30 AM: Break 

10:30 AM-12:00 PM: Lawyers and Historians

Saul Cornell (Fordham)  

Kate Masur (Northwestern)  

Steve Sachs (Harvard)  

Moderator/Commentator: Sanford Levinson (Texas) and Mark Graber (Maryland) 

12:00 PM: Lunch 



Registration is appreciated but not required. Please click here to register.