Faculty Fellows


Professor Meese

Alan J. Meese

Ball Professor of Law
Areas of Specialization: Antitrust Law; Constitutional Law; Corporations; Economic Analysis of Law; and Political Economy

Professor Oman

Nathan B. Oman
Rollins Professor of Law
Areas of Specialization: Contract Law; Economic Analysis of Law; Jurisprudence; Law and Religion; Legal History

biographies of faculty fellows
Professor Lynda Butler


     Lynda L. Butler
     Chancellor Professor of Law, Emerita, and Director,
     William & Mary Property Rights Project
     Specializations: Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Land Use and 
     Zoning, Natural Resources Law, Property Law

Professor Haeberle

Kevin S. Haeberle

Professor of Law
Areas of Specialization: Securities Law (including a focus on the regulation of secondary markets, brokers, dealers, investment advisers, and other key market participants); corporate governance
Professor Ibrahim

Darian M. Ibrahim
Tazewell Taylor Professor of Law
Areas of Specialization: Corporate Law; Securities Law; Venture Capital; Entrepreneurship


Professor Rajec


Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec
Professor of Law and Engh Research Professor
Areas of Specialization: Patent Law; Intellectual Property Law; International Intellectual Property Law; International Trade Law

Professor Stafford

Sarah L. Stafford

Professor of Economics, Public Policy and Law
Areas of Specialization: Economic Analysis of Law; Environmental Law; Law and Public Policy; Regulatory Reform

Professor Stern


James Y. Stern
Professor of Law
Areas of Specialization: Property; Intellectual Property; Conflict of Laws