Center for Comparative Legal Studies and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

More than 93 percent of the world's citizens live in legal systems that are not purely common law. Preparing the next generation of lawyers to perform competently in an increasingly globalized world requires innovative courses and research, as well as concrete field experience.

The Center for Comparative Legal Studies and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding meets this challenge head-on. Our students take international and comparative law courses, intern in legal systems that are emerging and developing, and send their research to assist policy makers in countries where people struggle to recover from poverty, colonization, and conflict. Our faculty produce cutting-edge scholarship on legal issues that transcend national borders. Our distinguished speakers bring reality into the classroom.

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The Center for Comparative Legal Studies and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding is comprised of faculty, students, alumni, our partners, and the William & Mary community. We have recognized experts in approximately ten areas of law and routinely produce cutting-edge scholarship on topics of international importance. We partner with prestigious global institutions to provide our students with opportunities to work around the world. Our graduates work in dozens of countries, for the United Nations, in international firms, and in public and private organizations around the world.


We bridge the gap between resources available at academic institutions and needs in the field. We work within the major legal systems of the world to build strategies that span a broad legal spectrum. We support sustainable, organic peacebuilding efforts that take root locally and are based upon objective, comparative options.

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The Center for Comparative Legal Studies & Post-Conflict Peacebuilding is grateful for financial support from the National Center for State Courts, John and Brenda Scanelli, and Denise and Andrew Koch in memory of Charles H. Koch.