Human Rights House

 I’m working on a project proposal for the creation of a “Human Rights House” that brings major NGOs in Kosovo under one roof in Pristina to provide a one point access for human rights and citizen access to justice. Anton said he’s had the idea for quite some time and talked with potential partners and donors. I’m excited to be the one putting those ideas on paper.

My initial idea for a project proposal was the creation of a public records office in Pristina that compiles public documents from state and public institutions and makes them available to the media and public upon request. But the project would be quite expensive and is essentially another public institution among many other failing ones. Besides, donors are more apt to invest in NGOs than public institutions. I talked to Anton about my idea and the concerns I had about it, and we decided to work on a proposal that would be less difficult to successfully implement.

HRH will include some of the organization’s I’ve interviewed: KLI, BIRN and CRPK. And CLARD of course. Anton is in charge of communicating with the partners and donors, and will manage the project until an HRH Board can be created.