On a Journey to Kosovo...

Zurich in rain

Our journey to Kosovo was a interesting one. We soon realized that a 22 hour layover in Zurich may not have been the wisest of choices. Or perhaps it was the miserable gray sky and relentless rain that ruined what could have been an excellent exploration of the largest city in Switzerland. Despite the disagreeable weather, Ashley and I wandered around the city on bus, boat and foot with several paper maps as our guide. Our toes moist with the rain that soaked through our shoes and our hoods up to protect our heads from the cruel chill of the rain, we attempted to remain positive by admiring the architecture and imagining how much more wonderful the scene could be with some rays of sun shinning on the rooftops.

Zurich view

Ashley's pic

 We returned to the airport to escape the persistent precipitation and roamed for hours from one floor to the other searching for a quiet place to rest our eyes and tired feet. Our daydreams of satisfying sleep lasted longer than Ashley’s midnight nap. Of course, I snoozed a bit too but unwillingly.

Ashley naps

We passed several hours with conversations on a variety of subjects including music, the miserable state of the oppressed world, the fashion model Cara Delevinge (who gazed at us with intense eyes framed by thick eyebrows from advertisements all over the airport) and our excitement about our impending departure to Pristina.

 Ashley agrees with me on this. Our flight from Zurich to Pristina on Edelweiss Air, an affiliate of Swiss Air, had to be the best flight experience either of us had. The economy seats were surprisingly large and comfortable – Ashley (5’10’’) had enough leg room. And while the flight lasted less than two hours, the breakfast was a feast. And what a feast – fresh fruit juice, fresh bread, amazing cheeses and jams, and yogurt. We’re hoping the flight experience on our return will be as excellent.