Nicole Alanko


Nicole Alanko

Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (GAIN)
Atlanta, Georgia

It's Not Over

My part at GAIN for the summer may be over, but the work is far from over.

Always Evolving

Just because something isn't your reality doesn't mean it isn't someone's reality.

Many Hats, One Goal

Working in a nonprofit is a great opportunity to play lots of different roles outside of "legal intern".

Working with Survivors of Trauma

Intake calls are a weekly, if not daily, part of my job. The Legal Practice Program prepares us for the basics of client meetings, but working with survivors of trauma requires more than what is typically covered as a 1L.


With the help of lyrics from "Hamilton", I talk about one thing I love more than most: research.

One Little Yes

This week, one person's "yes" started us down a path that could change someone's life.

Welcome (back) to Atlanta

I'm proud to be spending the summer working at the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network in Atlanta, Georgia, in the very community that inspired my interest in working in immigration law.