Mechelle King


Legal Resources Centre
Cape Town, South Africa

A Hopeful Constitution

Final thoughts as my summer at the LRC and in Cape Town ends.

One Last Time

A Hamilton reference seemed fitting as I prepare one last time for my week ahead in Cape Town. Can someone teach me how to say goodbye?


It's relative.

Is this a win?

If you've been following along, you know the journey has been marked by plenty of Ls. This week, though, maybe things are starting to turn around?

Who we work for

A pause from the day-to-day work to commemorate World Refugee Day.

An appeal

I finally get to see what happens after the researching, the memos, the affidavits: a hearing in front of the Refugee Appeal Board.

A comedy of paper and ink

At this point, we have gone to enough presentations and talks where the established, successful lawyer starts off with telling a story about an embarrassing rookie mistake made at the start of his or her career. Sometimes I would wonder what mine would be. This week, I found out.

Not taking my own advice

Well, let's just say week three was an exercise of practice makes perfect as I took all my observations from last week and threw them out the window. Better luck next week?

Already broken

This is the true story of Mechelle finding out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.

Full mind, full belly

Hello from Cape Town! My first week in South Africa, and at Legal Resources Centre, was full of research, espresso, and food. Read all about it: