Internet Law

LAW 470-01 Internet Law 3 credits
The emergence of the Internet and digital technologies that enhance our abilites to access, store, manipulate, and transmit vast amounts of information has generated a host of new legal issues for which lawyers of the 21st century must be prepared. Although many are trying to apply existing legal concepts onto problems arising in cyberspace, it is increasingly evident that this strategy is not always effective. The course will explore specific problems in applying law to cyberspace in areas such as intellectual property, freedom of speech, privacy, content control, and the bounds of jurisdiction. Familiarity with the Internet and intellectual property law is helpful but not required.



Copyright Law
Intellectual Property Survey
Patent Law
Trademark Law


Copyright Litigation*
Entertainment Law
Entertainment Law Litigation*
Internet Law*
Patent Appeals & Interferences
Patent Practice
Privacy in a Technological Age
Sports Law

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