Journals, Moot Court, National Trial Team


Journal credit is determined by the outgoing editorial staff consistent with academic policies adopted by the faculty. Students can participate in a joint journal competition following one full-year of law school at William & Mary. The competition results in placement of eligible students to one of the five journals.

If you become eligible for journal credit, you will be enrolled in the appropriate number of credits (from 1 to 4) upon recommendation by the editorial staff and approval of the Law School administration. Journal credit is pass/fail.  You can earn credit for work on only one law journal per semester.

     Law Review
     Bill of Rights Journal
     Business Law Review
     Environmental Law & Policy Review
     Journal of Race, Gender and Social Justice

Moot Court

Moot Court team members are selected from an inter-school competition. Once selected for the team, you will be registered for Advanced Brief Writing (ABW), a course designed to lay the ground work for writing a winning competition brief. You must take ABW prior to your tournament competition.

You also will be registered for a one-credit pass/fail course in the semester in which you compete. This credit is given for completing the tournament brief. Students who write a Spong tournament problem will be registered in a two-credit graded course, or for the Bushrod problem a one-credit graded course, in the semester the problem is written.

Required courses
     Independent Legal Research – Moot Court
     Advanced Brief Writing

National Trial Team

A series of courses support the specific education and competition preparation of the National Trial Team. Team members are selected after an inter-school competition. If you earn a position on the team, you will be registered in Trial Advocacy-National Trial Team during the fall semester of your second year of law school. This three-credit, pass/fail course is designed to prepare you for competition. Additional pass/fail courses are offered first to Trial Team members, who may choose to register in them, before seats are then released to non-team students.

Required Course
     Trial Advocacy — National Trial Team

Optional Courses
     Trial Strategy & Persuasion