Enrollment Information

What you need to do before you arrive in Williamsburg

Welcome Admitted LL.M. Students! This page contains important information about your steps prior to arriving on campus. We strongly encourage you read it carefully. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask the [[llmadm,LL.M. Admissions Office]].

Once you have decided to enroll in the LL.M. Program at William & Mary Law School, there are several steps that need to be completed.  Additional details for each step in the process are located farther below.

1.  Activate your W&M Credentials.

2.  Make the $250 tuition deposit to reserve your seat and to start the I-20 process. The deposit is due by November 1 for the spring semester, or May 1 for the fall semester.

3.  Set up your W&M email.

4.  Take action to prepare your visa.

5.  Work on health-related requirements (health evaluation forms, health insurance enrollment or waiver).

6.  Submit an on-campus housing application, or conduct an off-campus search.

7.  Order official, stamped, and sealed transcripts with certified English translations.

8. Review William & Mary's technology requirements for newly admitted students.

9.  Exam Software requirements.

  1. W&M User Credentials

Your first step, before making the tuition deposit, is to activate your W&M Username.  You will need your W&M Student ID number, which is the nine-digit number beginning with 93, printed in your admission letter.  You will also need your application email address.  Complete the form and submit.  William & Mary will confirm your W&M user name and password (access to our systems). 

2. Tuition Deposit

Now that you have your W&M Credentials, pay the $250 tuition deposit. This is required to hold your seat for the LL.M. class beginning in August 2024 or January 2025.  Your $250 enrollment deposit is a non-refundable, one-time payment, which will be applied toward your first semester tuition bill.

William & Mary offers three ways to submit your tuition deposit: 

  1. By wire for international funds through a wire service called FlyWire;  
  2. Online (U.S. credit cards only - no debit cards accepted); or
  3. By mail (check or money order in U.S. dollars). 

Payment Option #1:   Payment via FlyWire

William & Mary has partnered with FlyWire to streamline the process of wiring international payments.  FlyWire allows you to pay securely, from any country and any bank, in your own currency.  By making your payment with FlyWire you can:

  • Track your payments from start to finish;
  • Save on bank fees and exchange rates; and
  • Contact their multilingual customer support team with any questions, day or night.

 To get started, visit Flywire, and follow the instructions. 

Payment Option #2:   Online payments via credit card

  • After you have activated your W&M Username, go to MyW&M, and click on Banner.
  • Select the Student option.
  • Select the Student Accounts option.
  • Select eServices option.
  • Select eDeposits from the top horizontal menu.  DO NOT SELECT Make a Payment.  By selecting eDeposits you will be directed to an external website TouchNet.
  • Select Term:  Fall 2024 or Spring 2025  (select the one that applies to you).
  • Select Deposit Account: School of Law Deposit.
  • Enter $250 in payment amount (click on continue).
  • Select your payment method: Electronic Check or Credit Card.
  • Complete all required information Electronic Check or Credit Card payment.
Note: There is an additional 2.85% fee charged to those paying by U.S. credit card.  Only American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.  Please also note that this payment system works best with Internet Explorer.

 PAYMENT OPTION #3:  Paying by U.S. check or money order

  • Print a copy of the Deposit Form.  The completed Deposit Form must be emailed to [[llmadm]] to identify yourself and your need for a visa.
  • Prepare your check or money order in the amount of U.S.D. $250.00 and make it payable to William & Mary.
  • Send the payment and deposit form to:
Table showing address for regular mail and express mail
Mail Express Service

William & Mary Law School
International Programs Office
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

William & Mary Law School
International Programs Office
613 South Henry Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185-8795

3. W&M Email

Once your seat deposit has been received and processed, you will have access to your William & Mary email account.  To set-up your email account, follow the steps found on the Information Technology page.  Your W&M email must be set up before you register for law classes.

4. Visa Preparation

Following your tuition deposit receipt and process, you will receive an online iStart I-20 application via email. You will be asked to upload your admission letter, financial and identity proof.  Instructions will be included in the I-20 application. 

Once completed, the Reves Center for International Students will begin reviewing all I-20 documents received as of April 1 for fall, and September 15 for spring.  You will need to wait until this date or later, to learn of your I-20 status.  When the Reves Center completes the review of the I-20 application, if approved, they will prepare your I-20 documents. They will then email you a confirmation that the I-20 is on its way to you via express service.   If you do not require a visa, you will not need to complete the I-20 form.  

Note:  The I-20 review process for fall admitted students will begin on APRIL 1.

5. Health-related Requirements

Health Evaluation

Virginia State law requires all full-time students who are enrolling for the first time in a public institution to provide a health history and an official immunization record.  William & Mary also requires that all full-time students provide (i) documentation of meeting the same immunization requirements and (ii) a physical examination performed within the twelve months preceding his/her initial enrollment.

The Student Health Center staff is available to provide immunizations, laboratory tests, and tuberculosis screening to all admitted students during the summer months.

The Student Health Evaluation Form must be completed and submitted by June 1 for the fall semester, and January 1 for the spring semester.

Student Health Insurance

All International F-1 or J-1 students will be automatically enrolled in the college-endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan and billed to the student’s account in two installments as part of the fall and spring semester tuition payments.  The Student Insurance page offers details on ENROLLING or requesting a WAIVER.  The portal opens soon after July 1 annually and closes by July 30th.  

If you hope to use your own U.S. health insurance plan, you must review the criteria for, and complete a W&M student health insurance plan waiver request following the instructions provided on the Student Insurance page.

6. Graduate Housing

If you would like to take advantage of renting a furnished apartment in the Graduate Housing Complex (Gradplex), next door to the Law School, we strongly recommend that you complete the online application.  If you later change your mind about renting a room in the Gradplex, you may withdraw your application.  Visit the Graduate Housing Complex website for more information.  If you intend to arrive earlier than the official opening date of the Graduate Complex, you will need to complete a summer application (only for fall entrants) as well.

 7. Official Transcripts Required

 To register for law classes, William & Mary Law School must have received your final, official transcript(s) before providing you with a time ticket to register.

If you applied through the Law School Admission Council (lsac.org) to law school, your official transcripts should have been received by LSAC.  Our university will order these official transcripts from LSAC.  If you were still attending law school at the time of your application, you will need to provide us your final, official, stamped and sealed transcripts as well as confirmation that you earned your degree.  We accept shipped official documents, or hand-delivered documents during the William & Mary Law School orientation.  If you hand-deliver transcripts, you will need to wait to register for law classes until your official transcripts have been received by William & Mary Law School.

If you applied directly to William & Mary Law School, you uploaded unofficial transcripts and conferrals into the LL.M. application.  Prior to the start of the LL.M. Program, you will be required to ship your official, evaluated and authenticated (through a NACES.org member) transcripts and confirmation of your degree earned.   We will also accept your (NACES.org) official evaluated, authenticated, stamped and sealed documents through hand-delivery during the William & Mary Law School orientation. If you hand-deliver transcripts, you will need to wait to register for law classes until your official transcripts have been received by William & Mary Law School.

We do not accept student copies, photocopies, facsimile copies, or opened transcripts.  All transcripts and the graduation confirmation (confirmation that you earned your degree) must be official, stamped and signed by your institution, and placed in a sealed envelope.  Your institution must then place their official stamp/seal across the seam of the envelope.  NACES.org transcript evaluation and authenticated official transcripts may be sent electronically through the NACES.org member directly to William & Mary Law School's LLM Admissions department (llmadm@wm.edu).

LL.M. students who are unable to supply official, stamped and sealed transcripts prior to the start of their LL.M. program, are at risk of immediate dismissal from the LL.M. program.

8. Technology Requirements for Newly Admitted Students

Please refer to the William & Mary Information Technology department's website for newly admitted students and instructions for setting up access, William & Mary email, etc.     If you require technical assistance, please contact the William & Mary I.T. department.  Indicate that you are an incoming LL.M. student at the law school who needs assistance.  The I.T. department may ask you verification questions (what is your birthdate, or what address did you list in your application) to ensure that you are who you say you are (security measure).  

9. Exam-Specific Technology Requirements

The Windows 10 single language operating system is not compatible with the exam software platform that may be used in your courses. Students should familiarize themselves with other exam-specific technology requirements.