Exam FAQs

May I email the exam to a specified account?

Yes - but ONLY after you have completed the exam, and saved the final version to your machine and to an external disk. The Computer Use Policy prohibits opening the Internet while taking the exam.

Are all exams to be uploaded to MyLaw?


May I format my bluebooks or computer with an appropriate header in advance of taking the exam?

Please refer to any instruction by a professor. If no prohibition is given by the professor, you may write the class name and your exam code number on all blue books or may create a header for your typed pages with the exam name and your exam code number and page number (1 of X).

Where can I obtain blue books?

The Barnes & Noble Campus Book Store on DOG Street.

What if I'm late for the exam?

The exams begin at the stated time. If you are late for the exam you will have only what time remains. Your exam will be due with all exams distributed that day for that class. You do not have an extension of the due time because you were late. So....set multiple alarms and/or create a buddy system if you are prone to oversleeping; if you fear traffic problems --- leave for school early; if you fear having a flat tire -- leave early; if you fear parking problems -- leave early; if you have a bad hair day - forget it, no one looks great during exams.

What clock rules?

The MyLaw clock - which should be consistent with your PDA or computer or the classroom clock. Be sure you set your time piece by the designated clock.

What if I have questions during the exam?

Follow the instructions from the professor. If still in a quandary, see Dean Shepherd.

What do I do with the exam questions?

Return the exam questions to the classroom at the time the exam is due. Much as you might enjoy having them for posterity - you must return them to the professor.

Walk me through the exam taking procedure.
  • Review the exam policy of the professor; the school policies and the Honor Code.
  • Appear in the scheduled classroom at least 10 minutes before the exam is to begin. Check the exam schedule to confirm the exam room, date and time. Note, that the exam may begin without you if you do not arrive to the classroom at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
  • Follow the instructions given by the professor or administrator at the time the exam is distributed. The default instructions include a) do not begin the exam until told you may do so b) count the pages and ensure each page is a distinct page (look for two page 2s, for example) c) do not leave the room to take the exam elsewhere, until you are told you may do so.
  • Read CAREFULLY any instructions given on the exam. Look at each page of the exam distributed. Do not assume that pages are blank. LOOK at each page.
  • Take the exam, and if typing, save frequently to a disk and to your hard drive and/or to the "H:" drive. 
  • Upload the completed exam to MyLaw by the appointed time. 
  • Return the exam questions to the classroom by the appointed time. One or more boxes will be at the front of the room to receive these items.
Can I use extension cords if using a computer?

Yes, but only if you ensure the safety of others by not stretching the cords across walking paths. (See Rule #4, Computer Use On Exams Policy.)

Self-Scheduled and Make-up Exams
When is the first date I may take a self-scheduled exam?

Unless defined otherwise by the faculty member, you may begin taking self-scheduled exams on the first day of the exam period.

When is the last date I may check out an exam?

All exams must be completed by 12:30 pm on the last day of the exam period.

Where do I get the exam?

From Gloria Todd, by the Moot Courtroom.

Is there a specified time to pick-up the exam?

YES! The only time students may check-out an exam from Gloria Todd is 8:30 am on an exam date (we do not administer exams nor accept them back on Sundays).

May I check-out a 24 hour exam on a Saturday?

No, see above.

May I check-out an exam longer than 4 hours on the last day of exams?

No. See above.

Do I have to notify the Administration of when I will take the exam?

No. You need only appear at Gloria's door at 8:30 a.m. on the exam day you have chosen (following instructions above).

If I finish the exam before its due time, may I turn it in?

Yes, just log in to MyLaw and upload it.  Then return the exam questions to Gloria.

I heard there was a printing policy - what does that mean?

All exams are to be uploaded to MyLaw. The administration will print the exams. Students no longer will print and submit to Gloria.

What happens if the line is long and I don't check-out the exam until, for example, 9:20?

Then, using this example for a 3 hour exam, you would be expected to submit it to MyLaw by 12:20.  On the other side of the start time, if you check it out at 8:15 and it is a 3 hour exam, you must submit by 11:15.  In other words, the clock starts when you check-out the exam.