J.D. Program

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When legal education began at William & Mary in 1779, a distinguished attorney in colonial America took on a promising William & Mary graduate as an apprentice. For five years, George Wythe equipped Thomas Jefferson with an extraordinary education that provided the foundation for intellectual and political greatness. 

More than two centuries later, legal education has evolved to include more than apprenticeships and rewriting legal texts. A Juris Doctor degree from William & Mary Law provides limitless opportunity for advocacy, change, and leadership across a myriad of sectors from business and government to non-profit organizations and education.

Pursue a William & Mary Law degree as a first-year, a transfer student, or a visiting student. Explore the intersection of law and a growing number of fields through a combination degree. From the first day of Law Week as a 1L, William & Mary Law will help you build the foundation for your life in the law.