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Facts and Statistics
Where is William & Mary Law School?

The Law School is located at 613 South Henry Street in Williamsburg, Virginia. Williamsburg is about an hour west of Virginia Beach, an hour east of Richmond, and 2.5 hours south of Washington D.C.

How many students apply each year?

While the number varies from year to year, William & Mary Law School has a large applicant pool and admission is competitive. Over 1,500 applications were received for the Class of 2025. 

What is the size of the entering class?

The 2022 entering class enrolled 213 students.

What is the median GPA and LSAT score of entering students?

For the Class of 2025, the median undergraduate GPA was 3.75 and the median LSAT score was 165.

How much does it cost to attend William & Mary Law School?

Visit our Cost & Aid page for information.

How do I apply to be considered for in-state tuition?

Learn more about the qualifications for in-state tuition.

Where may I find more information about student life and the Williamsburg area?

Williamsburg is a fantastic place to work and play. There is an abundance of small-town hospitality, loads of outdoor activities, and a host of big-city amenities that you might not expect to find in a relatively small Virginia town. Student life is enriched by more than 50 organizations and students participate in a wide array of co-curricular programs and activities.

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General Admission Information
What is the application fee for the first-year J.D. application?

There is a $85 application fee for first-year J.D. applications. If you feel as though this fee will prevent you from being able to apply to William & Mary Law School, please email the Admissions Office to request a fee waiver. 

Do you accept transfer and visiting students?
Yes, dependant on space availability. Learn more about applying as a transfer or visiting student.

What is the application fee for the transfer application and the visiting application?

The nonrefundable application fee is $50.

What is the latest LSAT score you will accept?

For first-year JD applications, the February LSAT will be the last exam accepted to meet the March 1 application deadline. 

Do you offer interviews?

We do not require interviews. 

Can I visit the Law School and observe a class?

We offer tours of the law school when classes are in session.  We do not offer class visits.

Does the Law School offer combination degree programs?

Yes. The J.D. degree can be earned in combination with a Master of Business Administration or Master of Arts in American Studies.

How do the combination degree programs work?

To apply for a combination degree program, you must apply to both of the relevant schools (for the JD/MBA, the Law School and the Mason School of Business and for the JD/MA, the Law School and the American Studies Program). The schools have separate admission procedures, so you must apply separately to each school and be accepted by each. Once admitted, you then decide which program you will enter for your first year of study and notify both schools. If you choose law for the first year, you will proceed with your first year of the alternate school in year two or year three. You may apply for a combination degree program initially or during your first or second year at the Law School.

Does the Law School have an LL.M. program?

Yes. William & Mary's LL.M. program in the American Legal System provides advanced training for students from outside the United States who are interested in academic careers or who wish to increase their familiarity with the American legal system.

Does William & Mary have a part-time or an evening program?


Can I defer enrollment?

The Law School will consider a deferment request on a case-by-case basis depending on the requester's circumstances.  Requests for a one-year deferral must be submitted with an explanatory statement regarding the reasons for the request.  Be advised, if a deferral is granted, the seat deposit must be paid to hold the seat; any previously awarded scholarship will not be deferred.  A deferred student will be considered for a scholarship award with all those admitted to the class with which they will enroll.  Scholarships the following year may be greater or smaller than those awarded the previous year.

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First Year FAQ
How do I apply to William & Mary Law School?

Apply with the William & Mary Application through LSAC.

What are the requirements to be considered for first-year admission?
  1. Complete application form with electronic certification and the required application fee. 
  2. Personal statement and optional essays
  3. Resume
  4. LSAT/CAS score report sent by LSAC with transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
  5. Two letters of recommendation; and
  6. Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Privileges (pdf) if you claim Virginia domicile for tuition purposes.
I have completed graduate work. Will my graduate GPA or my undergraduate GPA be considered?

At William & Mary Law School we review all aspects of the application package including any graduate work. Because all applicants have an undergraduate record, the undergraduate GPA will be the primary GPA considered for admission purposes. 

What specific courses should I take to prepare for law school? Does William & Mary prefer any particular major?

The Law School does not require any specific course of study. William & Mary Law School students have studied almost every imaginable subject. Generally, successful law students possess the ability to read, comprehend, and analyze complex material. Many applicants have focused their studies in the fields of philosophy, political science, government, economics, or English, but these are only a few of the paths that students may take to prepare for a successful law school experience.

Will any past indiscretions prevent me from being admitted to William & Mary Law School?

Not necessarily. We understand that an applicant may have received misdemeanor, felony, and/or disciplinary charges. Without knowing the specific details, it is impossible to determine whether a past indiscretion will have meaningful ramifications on the admission decision. Of course, it is crucial that the applicant disclose those charges and provide a straightforward, honest, and fully forthcoming explanation.

Whom should I ask to write my letters of recommendation?

Your letters should be completed by professors, instructors, or supervisors who know you well enough to be familiar with your character and abilities. If you are a student, or have graduated within three years of applying to William & Mary, one of your recommendations must come from a professor who can speak to your academic abilities.  

May I submit a resume with my application?

Yes.  We require a resume.

Does William & Mary Law School require a Dean's Certification for first-year J.D. applicants?


What information should I include in my personal statement?

Your personal statement should discuss why the J.D. degree is essential for your future, and include any pieces of personal motivation or substantive information necessary for the Admission Committee to learn your reasoning for applying. 

Is there a word limit on personal statements?

Personal statements are limited to two pages, double spaced, 12 pt font. 

I do not perform well on standardized tests or I have mitigating circumstances explaining my poor GPA. Should I explain this in my personal statement?

We recommend that you use your personal statement to provide information to support your law school application request, not to explain a perceived deficiency. A supplemental statement may be submitted to address test or academic performance.

When do you begin accepting applications?

September 1.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline to submit applications is March 1.  Applications will be accepted after March 1, until the class is filled; however, be advised there is a distinct advantage to submitting your application on or before March 1.  Applicants should take the LSAT no later than February, 2023.

When will I receive a decision?

William & Mary's admission process includes a full-file review.  The amount of time required for review(s) will vary for each applicant.  All applications are reviewed once a file is complete, and applicants will be notified of decisions once they are finalized. Many applications will go through multiple reviews. All complete applications received by March 1 will receive a decision by April 1.  

Is there an early decision program?


Does applying early help my chances of admission?

Applying early facilitates the process; however, the application arrival date is not the deciding factor and applying early does not increase one's chances of gaining admission. 

What are the factors considered for admission to William & Mary Law School?

Please see our admission policy.

If I take the LSAT more than once, how will you consider the scores?

William & Mary Law School will evaluate the LSAT portion of the application by using the highest reported score.

Does William & Mary Law School require seat deposits? Are they refundable?

A non-refundable $750 deposit is required to hold a seat in the incoming class. The $750 will be credited towards your first semester tuition bill. 

My GPA and/or LSAT are below the median. Do I still have a chance of gaining admission?

Yes. William & Mary Law School seeks a diverse and talented student body and while your GPA and LSAT are two important measures of your academic achievement and potential, we realize that they only tell part of the story. We review all aspects of an applicant's file, including but not limited to your personal statement, community involvement, work experience, leadership, recommendations, course selection, etc. While we carefully review your GPA and LSAT, they are two of many factors that aid in our decision making process.

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Financial Aid FAQ
Is financial aid available?


What forms must I submit to be considered for financial aid?

Only your admission application is needed for most merit-based awards. There are some additional scholarships that will require a separate application; these awards are based on specific criteria listed within the application itself. The Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed for need-based awards and all educational loans.

What is the Federal Code for William & Mary as required on the FAFSA?

The FAFSA Title IV code for William & Mary is 003705.

How do I go about obtaining federal student loans? What about private loans?

Federal unsubsidized and Grad PLUS loans are available. You need to submit your FAFSA with the William & Mary code in order to be packaged for aid by the William & Mary Office of Student Financial Aid. Follow the directions provided to complete the loan application process.

When is tuition due?

Tuition or completed and approved loan applications are due August 1 for the fall semester and early January for the spring semester.

Can I apply for Virginia residency status after my first year of law school?

Yes. Learn more about obtaining residency.

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International or Foreign-Educated J.D. Applicants
How do I submit transcripts from a college or university outside the United States or Canada?

Use the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) for international transcripts. For information on this service, visit the LSAC website.

Do you require TOEFL from international students? What is the minimum score requirement?

All J.D. applicants are required to take the LSAT. The TOEFL is not required.

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What is the LL.M. Program in the American Legal System?

This two- or three-semester program provides advanced training for students from outside the United States who wish to increase their familiarity with the American legal system.

How do I apply to the William & Mary Law School LL.M. program?

Applicants apply online through the Law School Admission Council.

When do you begin accepting applications?

September 1 for fall applications
July 1 for spring applications

When is the application deadline?

November 15 for spring admission
February 1 for fall admission

When should I receive a decision after submitting my application?

Applications will be reviewed as they become complete, and most decisions are emailed in early December for spring applications and early March for fall applications.

What are the requirements to be considered for admission?

1. An applicant must have a law degree from a country outside the United States from a college or university that is accredited and recognized by the relevant educational authority in that country.

2. A final transcript and degree certificate from those who have received their law degree prior to their LLM application.  Those who will graduate after the application is submitted must submit their most recent transcript and, if admitted, the final transcript and degree certificate will be required prior to the start of classes. 

Important Note: If you plan to sit for a bar examination in the United States, you need to obtain an additional set of "official" transcripts showing your degree conferral to submit with your bar application.

3. An applicant must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if (a) the applicant's native language is not English and (2) the applicant did not obtain a law degree from an educational institution in which the language of instruction is English.  William & Mary will not consider TOEFL scores more than two years old at the time of application.

4. (Optional) Two letters of recommendation from law professors, employers or other people who can attest to your professional or academic capabilities.

What factors are considered for admission to the LL.M. Program?

In an attempt to create a qualified and well-rounded entering class, William & Mary Law School considers a variety of factors including general academic ability (using factors such as academic transcripts, strength of school and schedule), extracurricular activities and work experience, capacity for legal study, and other relevant personal qualities and characteristics.

Does William & Mary Law School require seat deposits for the LL.M. Program?

Yes, William & Mary requires a $250 nonrefundable seat deposit for the LL.M. Program. The $250 will be credited to the first semester tuition bill.

If admitted to the program, how do I get a visa?

Instructions for obtaining a certificate of eligibility (I-20 or DS-2019) from William & Mary will be included with the admission materials.

What is the minimum TOEFL score you will accept?

The minimum acceptable scores for admission on the TOEFL is 90 (Internet-based total) and on the IELTS is 6. In certain exceptional cases, William & Mary may accept a student with a slightly lower TOEFL score; however, an applicant with such a score should re-take the TOEFL to attempt to raise their score.

How do I submit transcripts from a college or university outside the United States or Canada?

Use the LSAC service for international transcripts.

Is there a word limit for answers to the essay questions on the application for the LL.M. Program?

No. Please feel free to submit a statement that is long enough to express whatever you believe we should know.

How much does it cost to attend William & Mary Law School?
 2022-2023  Non-Residents       
 Tuition & Fees  $56,014
 Living Allowance  $19,800
 Books  $1,750
 Total Cost of Attendance  $77,564
Are scholarships available to LL.M. students?

Scholarships for the LL.M. Program are limited and are based on merit. The probability of receiving aid through the Law School depends on the availability of funds and applicant qualifications. Students must be prepared to pay necessary travel, living and educational expenses from outside sources.

What additional aid is available to international students?

Although some scholarships are offered to LL.M. students, most of our students use individual or family savings and resources to fund their LL.M. Program expenses.  Some International students have been funded by their employers for career enhancement.

EduPASS, a private service which is not affiliated with William & Mary, offers a fairly comprehensive site of information for international students interested in study in the United States.  EduPASS began as the international student section of FinAid! The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid.  Information covers many topics of interest to international students, such as sources of financial aid, scholarships for international students and loans for international students.  For more information, visit their website.


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