Course: Advocacy Regulation

Interested in Earning a Course  Credit Over the Summer in D.C.?
Professor Josh Rosenstein, general counsel to a prominent international lobbying firm, will offer his popular 1 credit mini-course "Advocacy Regulation" this summer on two Saturdays, July 14 and July 28, at William & Mary's DC office in DuPont Circle. The course (description below) offers a penetrating look at laws regulating lobbying activities—an incredibly timely topic in the lead up to fall elections, and a great chance to pick up very useful election law expertise from an experienced practitioner. Please email Prof. Green with questions at [[w|rgreen]]
 This course will introduce students to the legal regulation of efforts to influence government action in our democracy, focusing on the interrelated legal regimes governing ethics of public officials, lobbying and contributions and spending of money in connection with political campaigns. A key goal of the course will be to enable students to gain some appreciation of the difficulty and complexity of the issues raised by the attempt, in fashioning these legal regimes, to balance the goal of curbing corruption and improper influence with the need to permit the legitimate advocacy and expression of views that is protected by the First Amendment, to some degree, and that is desirable in any event in a vibrant democracy