Faculty Blogs


December 31 - In a post titled "How Not to Expand Access to College (or Further the General Welfare," Professor Alan J. Meese elaborated upon Professor Stephen Carter's critique of plans offered by Senator Sanders and former Secretary Clinton to make college more affordable. Read the post.

December 26 - Professor Alan J. Meese took note of the 239th anniversary of the Battle of Trenton, where William & Mary alumnus and future president James Monroe was wounded. Read the post.

December 23 - On the Technology & Marketing Law Blog, Professor Laura Heymann weighs in on the potential implications of the Federal Circuit’s Tam decision (The Slants decision) for restrictions on personal names. Read the post.

December 6 - In a post titled "Happy Birthday to the 13th Amendment," Professor Alan J.Meese  celebrated the anniversary of the ratification of the amendment, which abolished slavery. Read the post.

November 20 - In a post titled "Economic Science, the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement and the Role of Universities in Political Debate," Professor Alan J. Meese chided the Movement for its selective invocation of science and rejected a call for Universities to invest resources in furthering political objectives. Read the post.

November 8 - Professor Alan J. Meese took issue with the claim that aggressive efforts to deconcentrate markets will reduce income inequality in a post titled "Will Breaking Up Monopolists Help Low Income Consumers?" Read the post.

October 31 - In a post titled "Toward a New Conception of Diversity," Professor Alan J. Meese explained how banning racial preferences in admissions induced many universities to increase the economic diversity of their student bodies and explored the implications of the success of these programs. Read the post.

October 31 - Writing on his Bishop Madison blog, Professor Alan J. Meese explained the Citizens United Court's reiteration that speech does not lose constitutional protection because it costs money. Read the post.

October 19 - Professor Patricia Roberts blogged about "Military Mondays," a new program for veterans created in partnership with Starbucks and its Armed Services Network, on Clinical Law Prof Blog. Read the post.

September 27 - Clinical Professor of Law Patricia Roberts, Director of Clinical Programs and Director of the Puller Veterans Benefits Clinic, blogged about the personal rewards of work done by faculty and students on behalf of clients (and the inherent stresses of such work) in a post titled "You are the Light " (Clinical Law Prof Blog). Read the post.

September 24 - Following publication of Washington Monthly's 2015 National University Rankings, Professor Alan J. Meese posed the question, "Should colleges encourage students to 'give back'?" Read the post.

August 27 - Professor Alan J. Meese shared his thoughts about the ABA's requirement that the LSAT be used by accredited law schools as one of their admissions criteria.  Read the post.

August 23 - Are Ivy League schools playing politics when it comes to awarding honorary degrees to sitting justices of the U.S. Supreme Court? Professor Alan J. Meese shared his observations. Read the post.

August 17 - In a post for new students, "Welcome to the Legal Profession," Professor Patty Roberts shared her thoughts on the profession of law. The Citizen Lawyer she referenced may be familiar to many William & Mary alumni readers and members of Virginia bar associations: the late Ken Roberts, J.D. '90. Read the post.

July 25 - Professor Alan J. Meese praised a decision by the North Carolina Supreme Court that rejected a challenge to the state's Opportunity Scholarship Program. Read the post.

July 12 - In a post titled "Job Growth Still Weak, Like the Economy," Professor Alan J. Meese examined the latest employment figures as well as data since the recovery began in June 2009.  "This recovery is a disappointment," he noted, "that still leaves millions of Americans without the economic opportunities they deserve." Read the post.

July 2 - Professor Alan J. Meese blogged about the Sherman Anti-Trust Act on the 125th anniversary of the act's signing into law. Read the post.

April 13-May 5 – In a four-part series, Professor Jeffrey Bellin blogged about selective findings of his new book comparing the Virginia and Federal Rules of Evidence.  Read about the book. Read the posts.

April 15 – Professor Thomas McSweeney published a post on Magna Carta ("Happy 790th, Magna Carta). Read the post.

April - During the month of April, Professor Nathan Oman blogged at the Center for Law and Religion Forum, sponsored by St. John’s University School of Law. Read the posts.

January 31 - Professor Alan J. Meese explored and responded to a recent essay by Thomas K. Lindsay about the causes and cures of low college graduation rates. Read the post.

January 22 - Professor Alan J. Meese refuted Paul Krugman's claim that those judges who disagree with the Obama administration are corrupt. Read the post.

January 20 - Professor Darian M. Ibrahim blogged about his recent article on crowdfunding (SSRN) on the Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog.  Read the post.

January 17 - In a post titled "Florida Rising, New York Fading,"  Professor Alan J. Meese explored how the "disparate fortunes of these states are a case study in the operation of competitive federalism and the concomitant protection for economic liberty." Read the post.

January 16 - Professor Alan J. Meese rebutted the claim by E.J. Dionne and others that state and local taxation is "regressive." Read the post.