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Faculty Blogs


April 13-May 5 – In a four-part series, Professor Jeffrey Bellin blogged about selective findings of his new book comparing the Virginia and Federal Rules of Evidence.  Read about the book. Read the posts.

April 15 – Professor Thomas McSweeney published a post on Magna Carta ("Happy 790th, Magna Carta). Read the post.

April - During the month of April, Professor Nathan Oman blogged at the Center for Law and Religion Forum, sponsored by St. John’s University School of Law. Read the posts.

January 22 - Professor Alan J. Meese refuted Paul Krugman's claim that those judges who disagree with the Obama administration are corrupt. Read the post.

January 20 - Professor Darian M. Ibrahim blogged about his recent article on crowdfunding (SSRN) on the Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog.  Read the post.

January 17 - In a post titled "Florida Rising, New York Fading,"  Professor Alan J. Meese explored how the "disparate fortunes of these states are a case study in the operation of competitive federalism and the concomitant protection for economic liberty." Read the post.

January 16 - Professor Alan J. Meese rebutted the claim by E.J. Dionne and others that state and local taxation is "regressive." Read the post.