Law and Economics Published Papers

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Jayne Barnard Lynda Butler Eric Chason Kevin S. Haeberle Eric Kades Alan Meese Nathan Oman Sarah Wasserman Rajec Sarah Stafford
Jayne Barnard
James Cutler Professor of Law Emerita
Lynda Butler
Chancellor Professor of Law, Director, William & Mary Property Rights Project and Co-Chair, President's Committee on Sustainability
Eric Chason
Associate Professor of Law
Kevin S. Haeberle
Professor of Law; Fellow, Center for the Study of Law and Markets
Eric Kades
Thomas Jefferson Professor of Law
Alan Meese
Ball Professor of Law and Tazewell Taylor Research Professor of Law
Nathan Oman
Professor of Law
Sarah Wasserman Rajec
Professor of Law
Sarah L. Stafford
Director of the William & Mary Program in Public Policy, Paul R. Verkuil Term Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Economics and Law