Library Photocopying

Law students, faculty, and law library patrons may make photocopies using their Wolf Law Library Photocopy Account. Your photocopy account number is your W&M ID or library card number. This account is separate from your W&M Express debit account, and is only used for making copies at the law library. Public patrons may obtain a visitor account card at the Circulation Desk, and pay cash or check for photocopies.

Money for photocopies may be deposited into your Photocopy Account at the Circulation Desk, in the library lobby. Black and white photocopies cost 7¢ per page, or 5¢ per side for double-sided. Color copies are 10¢ per side, single- or double-sided. Once you have money in your account, follow these steps at the library copiers:

  • On the photocopier touchscreen, enter your W&M ID (93.......) or library card number.
  • Press Login on the touchscreen, or hit the Start button.
  • Select Copy to activate the photocopier.

If you are authorized to use a billing code for a law school organization, journal, or department, you will be prompted to enter one here. To access your personal Photocopy Account instead, simply press Next or Start to bypass the billing code screen.

  • Books may be copied on the glass under the copier lid, or standard-sized paper can be loaded in the feeder tray on top of the copier.
  • Press the large, green Start button to make a copy.
  • When you are finished, please press Logout on the touchscreen to end your session.

If you need assistance with the law library photocopiers, please see a Circulation Desk staff member. Paper jams, low toner, and other copier problems should be reported to the Circulation Desk (221-3260).