W&M Law Journal Members Doing Cite Checks

Interlibrary Loan

W&M Law journal members can use Interlibrary Loan to borrow or get copies/scans from books, journals, and other items that are required for a cite check but are not available at the Law Library. (If you're ILLing materials for your note, not a cite check, see ILLs for W&M Law Students.)

How to place an ILL request for a cite check
  1. Read the Law Library’s ILL Cite Checking Policy. It applies to all ILLs requested as part of a cite check.
  2. Make a request using our request forms. Choose the appropriate form for your journal.
  3. All fields marked with a (*) on the ILL form must be filled in. If you need help, please reach out to a reference librarian.
What happens next

Once you submit a request, the ILL staff locates the material for you and handles the transaction from there. We don't charge our users for ILLs and most materials are supplied to us for free. However, sometimes we have no choice but to use a lending library that does charge a fee to loan/scan something. In that case, we contact the editor for approval and pass the cost on to the borrowing journal.

Getting your materials

ILL materials can take as long as two weeks to arrive, especially those that have to be physically shipped to us. Scans and items from nearby libraries can take significantly less time.

When your item does arrive, we will email you with pickup instructions (for physical materials) or a link if your item is a copy/scan.

Retention of Scanned ILL Materials

We store scans of every photocopy/scan requested through Interlibrary Loan for a period of time in case you need to re-download something. All cite check-related scans are saved until the relevant issue is published (after which we delete them).

Contact Information

Please direct inquiries to [[lawill]]