How to reserve a room at the Law School. How to have your event or meeting info shared on the Docket Digest and displayed on the lobby monitor.

Step 1: Reserve your room

Reserve space at the Law School for events and meetings using the event scheduling and room reservation form

Step 2: "Create an Event"

If you want your meeting or event information shared on the Docket Digest and posted on the monitor in the main lobby, "Create an Event" by going to this page (see top right).

Need help after you click on the "Create an Event" link above?  To log in, please enter your "WMuserid" (your email address minus the "") and your password. You will then be prompted to enter some details about your event (such as title, day and time, and room number). You also will be asked to flag your event to other calendars.  Please choose the "Law School Homepage" or "Law School Events" to ensure your event will appear on the Docket Digest and on the monitor in the main lobby.

If you enter your event info after 12PM, it may take up to 24 hours for your event to appear on the Docket Digest; if you enter your event info on Saturday or Sunday, your event may not appear on the Docket Digest until the following Tuesday.

Here's what the Communications Office can do to help spread the word

For lectures, symposia or other events open to the public, the Communications Office staff or a student assistant will post the info you entered on the W&M Events Calendar to the WMDigest (a listserv for W&M faculty and staff) and local calendars (like those at and We also will create an event entry on the the Law School's Facebook page unless this duplicates your efforts. We'll also plan to tweet about your event. (If you are tweeting about it, please mention @WMLawSchool.)

Here is an additional place you may wish to post your event information

Student Happenings is an events round-up shared by William & Mary's Office of Leadership Development.

What about flyers or posters?

You can give a flyer or poster to the receptionist inside the dean's suite and ask her to post it in the mailroom where faculty and staff have mailboxes. You also may post flyers or posters on the bulletin boards outside the restrooms in the law library and in the cafe. 


Please let us know how we can help.  We'd also appreciate hearing from you if you have difficulty using these sites or if you learn of new ways to share event information.

Law School Communications Office
Rooms 218 & 219
Jaime Welch-Donahue, Director, [[jpwelc]]
David Morrill, Assistant Director, [[dfmor2]]