Help spread the word about your amazing speakers, symposia and events!

Step 1: Please let us know about your speaker, symposium, organizational meeting, or other event (whether it is live and in-person, or it is virtual and on Zoom)

Use the event registration form to do so.

Please visit the Zoom security page for tips for enhancing privacy and security during Zoom events.

Step 2: Please "Create an Event." 

This is an essential step if you want information about your events shared on the Docket Digest and displayed on the events calendar on the Law School's website.

Fill out the "Create Event" form by going to this page (see link to form on top right).

Here are some tips for filling out the "Create an Event" form: 

  • To log in, enter your "WMuserid" (your email address minus the "") and your password.
  • When the form opens, you will be prompted to enter some details about your event (such as title, day and time, and room number). If your event is on Zoom, indicate "Zoom" under room number.
  • If you check the box, "Open to the public," under "Access and Features," your event information will be shared on the W&M Digest (a listserv for W&M faculty and staff) and on the Law School's Twitter and Facebook accounts.  
  • About the W&M Digest for all W&M faculty and staff employees:  We will do our best to share your event information on the W&M Digest if you indicate your event is open to the public.
  • If you want to limit attendance at your event to the Law School community and/or the W&M community, please note that in the full description. ("This event is open only to William & Mary faculty, staff and students.")
  • Of special note: You also will be asked to flag your event to calendars before you submit your form.  Please choose the "Law School Homepage" or "Law School Events." You can also choose other William & Mary calendars such as Pre-law Advising, Government, and Public Policy (and many others).
  • Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your event to appear on the Docket Digest.  If you enter your event information on a Saturday or Sunday, it may not appear on the Docket Digest until Tuesday morning.
Because of the number of events each week, we display events on the Docket Digest on the following timetable: 

Events which are posted one month in advance on the Docket Digest include,

  • Lectures, panels and symposia hosted by Programs, Institutes and the Dean's Office
  • Symposia and panels hosted by journals, law reviews and  student organizations
  • Student Bar Association events (such as Fall Formal, Ski Trip, Barristers Ball)
  • Public Service Fund annual fundraising events (such as the PSF Auction)
Events which are posted two weeks in advance on the Docket Digest include,
  • Member and prospective member events, and guest discussions hosted by student organizations
  • Social events hosted by student organizations (such as movie and game nights, picnics, bake sales, etc.)

Question: What about flyers or posters?

You are welcome to post flyers or posters on the bulletin boards in the library.

 Questions? Contact the Law School's Conference and Events Office at