LL.M. Students Receive Awards during Annual Spring Luncheon

At the end of each spring semester, William & Mary Law School holds a celebratory luncheon for LL.M. students. A number of awards are presented as well. Here are this year’s winners.

Dean’s Certificates
Each year the Dean recognizes select members of the graduating class whose efforts on behalf of the Law School community have been especially outstanding. Awarded Dean’s Certificates in recognition of their outstanding service were Nasser Alkoblan and Lin Wang.

Nasser Alkloban Lin Wang Deans Certificate
Dean Douglas and Nasser Alkoblan Dean Douglas and Lin Wang

Graduate Community Involvement Award
This award goes to the LL.M. student who has been an outstanding member of the community. Lin Wang was the recipient.

community involvement-wang
Prof. Jen Stevenson and Lin Wang

Graduate Academic Excellence Award
This honor is awarded to a student or students who achieve the highest level of academic performance during study for the LL.M. degree. The recipients were Plamena Gerovska, Jin Gu, Lin Wang, and Zhaonan Wang.

Gerovska Plamena Jin Gu-Graduate Academic Excellence
Plamena Gerovska Prof. Ron Rosenberg and Jin Gu
Lin Wang Academic Excellence Zhaonan Wang-Academic Excellence
Prof. Ron Rosenberg and Lin Wang Prof. Ron Rosenberg and Zhaonan Wang

Excellence in Legal Writing Award
The Excellence in Legal Writing Award is given to the student or students who have demonstrated the highest level of legal writing skill during study for the LL.M. degree. The 2018 recipients were Mohammed Alansari, Adriano de Seta, Jin Gu, and Plamena Gerovska.

Mohammed Alansari Adriano De Seta
Mohammed Alansari Adriano de Seta and Prof. Jen Stevenson
Jin Gu Legal Writing Gerovska Plamena
Prof. Jen Stevenson and Jin Gu Plamena Gerovska

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