Richmond Times-Dispatch: 3L Hallie Hovey-Murray Has Autism, Is Founder of One in 68 Foundation, and Is Competing for Miss Virginia

Alexa Welch Edlund/Richmond Times-Dispatch via APRICHMOND, Va. — When Hallie Hovey-Murray was in college, one of her sorority sisters made a passing comment about another girl: “Oh, she’s so socially awkward, she probably has autism.”

It was just a passing comment, but it stuck with Hallie.

She was on deadline for an online publication at Southern Methodist University and knew she had to address it.

“Hi, my name is Hallie and I have autism,” she wrote.

Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter Colleen Curran spoke to 3L Hallie Hovey-Murray about autism, her path to law school, and the upcoming Miss Virginia competition. Hovey-Murray is the founder of One in 68 Foundation, which promotes academic and career success for young people on the autism spectrum. The story was carried by the Associated Press (AP) and appeared in the Washington Post.

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