BLSA Helps Law School Community Say “Thanks”

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    Giving Thanks  BLSA President Tolu Olaniyan ’21and other BLSA members tabled for four days in the Law School lobby, raising money for the local food bank and giving members of the law community a chance to thank those who have had an impact on their time at William & Mary Law  Photo by David F. Morrill
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Two weeks before Thanksgiving, the William & Mary Law community got a jump on expressing gratitude the old school way.

With cards. And pens.

Thanks to the Black Law Students Association (BLSA), students could buy and write cards to other members of the law community—faculty, staff and other students—who have had an impact on their time at William & Mary Law.

The cost was one dollar for two cards—a bargain—and BLSA members even delivered the cards to recipients in the Law School.

According to BLSA President Tolu Olaniyan ’21, the effort was the brainchild of 1L Rep Brianna Bennett, whose undergraduate school did something similar.

The added twist at William & Mary was donating all funds raised to the annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Competition and Drive.

“We donate cans and turkeys every year to the food bank here in Williamsburg, and I figured we could use this as an opportunity to raise money to give extra goods,” Olaniyan said.

The card signing lasted for four days; by the third day, BLSA had collected $119. 

“I’m really happy because the most we could have expected to collect was around $200, so we’re almost at our goal,” Olaniyan said at the time. “I feel really glad that students are interested and want to say thanks to people in the Law School."

The final total came to $171.

Olaniyan hopes the card drive becomes an annual event, and she looks forward to helping BLSA continue to make a great impact.

“I like the ability to help not only black students, but minority students and the Law School, Olaniyan said. “I’m proud to help create a community for all of us this semester.”

The Annual Thanksgiving Basket Competition lasts from Monday, Nov. 18 through Wednesday, Nov. 20.

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