William & Mary Law Professors Ibrahim and Haeberle Honored with Top 10 Securities Law Articles for 2019

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    Understanding Securities Law  Darian Ibrahim is the Tazewell Taylor Professor of Law at William & Mary Law School; Kevin Haeberle is an Associate Professor of Law and will become a Professor of Law effective in the upcoming academic year.  Photos by David F. Morrill
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Professors Darian M. Ibrahim and Kevin S. Haeberle of William & Mary Law School have both had articles selected for republication in the Securities Law Review.

Published by Thompson Reuters, the Securities Law Review typically selects the top eight to ten articles of the year in the securities area, as determined by its editors.

“Inclusion in this important publication signals the highest level of scholarship in the field of securities,” said Davison M. Douglas, Dean and John Stewart Bryan Professor of Jurisprudence at William & Mary Law School. “It’s gratifying to have the work of two of our faculty selected for this honor in a single year.”

Ibrahim’s article, “Public or Private Venture Capital?" appeared in the Washington Law Review, vol. 94. Read more.

Haeberle’s article, “Information Asymmetry and the Protection of Ordinary Investors” was also selected for presentation at the Yale/Harvard/Stanford Junior Faculty Workshop in 2019. The article was originally published in the UC Davis Law Review, vol. 53. Read more. 

Ibrahim is the Tazewell Taylor Professor of Law and focuses on corporate law, securities law, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Haeberle is an Associate Professor of Law, and will become a Professor of Law effective in the upcoming academic year, specializing in securities law with a particular focus on the regulation of capital markets.

Ibrahim and Haeberle are Faculty Fellows at William & Mary Law School’s Center for the Study of Law and Markets.

Updated annually, the Securities Law Review solves the problem of staying in touch with the latest shifts in securities law by collecting articles about securities law from the past year and compiling them in one volume. Every article in each collection contributes to understanding of the evolving framework of securities law and practice.

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