William & Mary Law Welcomes the Class of 2025

On August 15, the Class of 2025 proudly entered through the doors of William & Mary Law School. Their records of achievements, awards, honors, leadership, employment, and service demonstrate great promise and a strong determination to become excellent citizen lawyers.

Members of the class, which numbers 214, hail from 37 states, the District of Columbia, China, New Zealand and South Korea. They have a median LSAT of 165 (75th/25th: 166/160), a median undergraduate GPA of 3.75 (75th/25th: 3.85/3.50) and an average age of 24.

Seventy-six percent of the class is from out of state.

Twenty-five percent of the class (54) identify as persons of color,  with 14 percent Asian, 3 percent Hispanic/Latino, 7 percent Black/African American, and 1 percent American Indian/Alaskan Native.

Six percent identify as LGBTQ, and 14 percent are first-generation students.

Thirty-three percent have full-time work experience, and seven percent hold advanced degrees, with six coming in as active-duty military or veteran students.

The total number of applicants was 1,541.

The Class of 2025 attended 143 different undergraduate institutions, 12 in Virginia and 131 in other locations. 

The leading Virginia undergraduate institutions were: William & Mary, University of Virginia, James Madison University and Virginia Tech.

Other undergraduate institutions with multiple matriculants include: George Washington University, American University, University of Florida, Georgetown University, New York University, SUNY at Binghamton, University of Notre Dame and Villanova University.

Others include Auburn University, Bates College, Boston College, Bucknell University, Case Western Reserve University, Clemson University, Colorado State University, Davidson University, Dickinson College, Duke University, Eckerd College, Florida State University, Rutgers University, Saint Louis University, University of Louisville, University of Maryland – College Park, University of Rochester, University of Utah, Wake Forest University, Washington University, Western Washington University, Williams College.

In addition to Virginia, the class represents the following states with five or more students: New York (18), California (12), Florida (11), Maryland (11), Pennsylvania (10), Texas (10), New Jersey (9), Massachusetts (8), Illinois (6), Tennessee (6) and North Carolina (5), and Washington, D.C. (5).

Predominant undergraduate majors include political science, history, English, philosophy, psychology, international relations, international studies, and biology. Many other disciplines are represented and include aerospace and aeronautical, business, communications, criminal justice, economics, finance, government, social sciences, and sociology. 

“It’s a pleasure to be here and very exciting to see each of you,” said A. Benjamin Spencer, Dean and Trustee Professor, as he greeted the class in a ceremony held at the Kimball Theatre in Williamsburg. “This is a very exciting time, I know, in each of your lives, and this is a milestone in your respective careers. So I want to congratulate you for accomplishing that. Welcome to William & Mary Law School.”

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