Course 1:
The Foundations of Compliance

Understand the current compliance landscape, evaluate the level of compliance at your organization and identify gaps to be addressed at your organization. This course takes about 2 - 3 hours to complete.

  • Compliance as a strategic advantage

  • Importance to organizational resiliency and reputation
  • Statutory, regulatory, and case law review
  • Risk assessment
  • DOFs guidance and pillars
  • Lessons learned from compliance failures
Course 2:
Compliance in Practice

Develop and integrate compliance functions and activities including monitoring, reporting, internal investigations, and crisis management into organizational culture. 

  • US and global policies and their influence on compliance strategy
  • Compliance Frameworks 
  • Compliance policy and program creation,training, and monitoring 
  • Behavioral science impact on training, culture, values ethos 
  • Strategic planning and leadership commitment
  • Internal investigation, enforcement, discipline, and remediation
  • Communication and crisis management
Course 3:
Compliance Strategy, Analytics, and Integration

Synthesize the compliance framework and functions to formulate strategic approaches to compliance program building and explore core analytical tools and techniques that can enhance various compliance functions.

  • Representative oversight frameworks and governance routines
  • Strategic approaches to building compliance programs
  • Continuous improvement through monitoring, metrics, and measurement
  • Threat and opportunity identification
  • Auditing and assurance
  • Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning resources for assessment, oversight, and reporting