Organizations that Compete

Alternative Dispute Resolution Team

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Team (ADRT) is an ABA Student Division Program dedicated to helping law students hone practical skills through competitions that focus on client counseling and methods of dispute resolution other than litigation. William & Mary ADRT members compete against each other to advance to the regional level in national competitions. In recent years, ADRT members have competed in the ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition, the ABA LASD Client Counseling Competition and the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Advocacy in Mediation Competition.

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Moot Court Program

The Moot Court Program is one of the Law School's best opportunities for students to develop and refine both oral advocacy and brief writing skills. Team members participate in Moot Court tournaments, which require each team to research and write an appellate brief, then defend it before a panel of judges in an oral argument. Membership on Moot Court is an honor, and tryouts for the team are competitive.

Each year William & Mary's Moot Court Team sends its members to approximately ten inter-collegiate moot court tournaments around the nation. William & Mary's teams have enjoyed resounding success, most recently with the two 2004 Nationals teams making it to the semi-final and quarter-final regional rounds. The Team's competitors are well-known as talented oral advocates, and they have shown their writing skills by winning multiple "Best Brief" awards in recent years.

In addition to competing, the William & Mary Moot Court Team annually hosts the William B. Spong, Jr. Invitational Moot Court Tournament. In existence for over thirty-five years, the Spong Tournament focuses on current issues in constitutional law. Rounds are judged by panels of federal and state court judges. The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association is the tournament's co-sponsor, and its representatives also serve as judges for the tournament. Competitors at the Spong Tournament represent schools from across the United States.

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National Trial Team

William & Mary's National Trial Team is one of the top teams in the nation, boasting a formidable record in each of the most prestigious national competitions.  Membership on the National Trial Team is a highly sought after honor and accomplishment, with more than 100 first and second year law students vying for one of approximately twelve open spots each year during the Team's Annual Selection Tournament.  Selected members take part in a rigorous and comprehensive development program taught by the Team's advisor, Jeffrey Breit, an accomplished trial lawyer and past president of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA).  Members gain extensive training in all levels of trial advocacy, from evidentiary objections and fundamental trial skills to sophisticated trial strategy and persuasion.  Members of the National Trial Team showcase and hone these skills by traveling and competing in locations including Puerto Rico; Atlanta; Chicago; Philadelphia; Washington, DC; Baltimore; and Irvine.  
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