Grade Conversion Policy

  1. A law student may not choose to take a regularly graded course pass/fail.  The Law School permits only a grade conversion of an earned grade.
  2. A law student may not convert a grade earned in any required class, including a course taken to meet the writing requirement.
  3. The option to convert a grade must be exercised in the final semester of study (typically the spring semester of the third year).  The request for conversion should be submitted by the fifth week of the final semester to have the conversion included in the new semester class rank.  If not submitted by the fifth week, the form must be submitted by either Nov 1 or April 1 of the final semester to cause a grade conversion.   The grade must have been earned after the first year and before the final semester of law school.
  4. Once exercised, the conversion is irrevocable.
  5. The option can only be exercised by submission of the Grade Conversion Form (.pdf).
  6. A “pass” is defined as a grade of "C" or higher.
  7. In exercising this option, a student must adhere to any other restriction governing eligibility for earning pass-fail credits.