William and Mary Law School

ABA Standard 509: Required Disclosures

The ABA requires that law schools provide certain information to prospective and current students. Here, you will find links to the various places on our website where this information is located.

Official Report

The ABA Standard 509 Information Report (PDF)

Admissions Data
Tuition, Fees, Living Costs, Financial Aid, Conditional Scholarships, and Refunds
Enrollment Data and Attrition/Graduation Rates

ABA Standard 509 Report (PDF)

Number of Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty, Professional Librarians, and Administrators
Curricular Offerings, Academic Calendar, and Academic Requirements
Library Resources
Employment Outcomes and Bar Passage Data
Policies for Transfer Credit
Policy Regarding Student Concerns

Policy and Procedure Regarding Student Concerns Relating to the ABA Standards