William and Mary Law School


When we ask W&M students to name the best part of their law school experience, the answer is unanimous: "amazing professors."

W&M Law School professors are more than merely "accessible." They’re personally invested in your education and your success. Their teaching philosophy goes hand-in-hand with the Law School’s belief in the citizen lawyer. The goal is to educate the whole student, something that won’t be accomplished through lectures alone.

Your law professors will be the faculty advisors for your student groups. They'll be the first people you ask for advice about that summer internship or your first job. And when exams roll around, they'll always make time for one last review session over pizza or via online chat.

What's most amazing about this level of student-professor engagement is that our faculty comprises nationally and internationally recognized experts in many fields of law. So when you meet a professor, you're also making the acquaintance of the keynote speaker at an Institute of Bill of Rights Law symposium or an expert on international criminal law.

Apart from our full-time faculty, we also boast an impressive adjunct professorship made up of practicing lawyers and public officials with decades of hands-on experience in the ethical practice of law. These professors help set the citizen-lawyer standard, proving by example that good lawyers are vitally engaged in the life of the local community, state, nation and world.

Read through our faculty bios to see the incredible people who teach at W&M. Then visit us in person to sit in on a class.