Students in Law and Public Policy Aid Virginia's Battle Against Flooding

Commissioned by Sea Grant Virginia and Wetlands Watch, Taylor Goelz, Lauren Pudvah and Peter Quinn-Jacobs prepared reports on 16 communities, from Barnstable, Massachusetts, to Miles City, Montana. They wanted to know how those communities worked at producing their Community Rating System, thus saving money for residents with government issued flood insurance.

Jim Penney & LauraLeigh Young
Jim Penney J.D. '83 and LauraLeigh Young Give $1 Million Gift Toward Scholarships

When Jim Penney J.D. ’83 attended law school, he needed to take out loans to pay for his degree and to make ends meet. Thirty-five years later, Penney and his wife, LauraLeigh Young, have chosen to help reduce the financial burden for future William & Mary law students with a $1 million gift toward scholarships, the top priority of the university’s For the Bold campaign.

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